Custom-built Motorsports wheels

Drivers using standard tires usually deflate them on loose dirt and rocks to increase the surface area of the tire in contact with the surface. Deflated tires provide a more comfortable ride on bumpy surfaces since it absorbs shock. Lower pressure tires are in fact able to flex around sharp objects, hence it is less prone to punctures. It also provides increased traction on loose dirt. However, this method is risky since the rim can slip off the tire in the process. Nowadays there are custom-built Motorsport wheels for loose dirt, rocks, and other rugged surfaces. These wheels have a large surface area which gives them good traction. The wide wheels also prevent the vehicle from sinking in the sand and other loose material you intend to drive over.

The tread pattern of this type of tire is more open to enhance performance on loose dirt. The original models had less tread life, but the latest ones that are newly developed are more durable. This is because the tread compounds have been strengthened to reduce wear. The tires have superior rubber which is able to withstand high speeds on off-road surfaces without wobbling.

Custom built Motorsports wheels

Custom-built tires are designed with deep treads that maximize traction on off-road surfaces in general. They usually lack studs- but the grooves are often wider and deeper. The treads sink deeper into loose dirt or gravel surfaces to enhance overall traction. Deep treads rarely clog up but when they do, the vehicle still moves perfectly since the tire is extra wide and there is still enough surface- in contact with the road. Extreme tires have stone ejectors within the treads to clear debris.

This technology prevents the treads from being filled up with debris. However, the ejectors don’t remove all the stones and sometimes you have to remove them manually to maintain the performance of the wheels. The wide treads also prevent hydroplaning when the vehicle is moving on the wet tarmac at high speeds. This prevents it from sliding and causing an accident.

These tires have been designed with durability in mind, so a sole purpose plays out on uneven roads. The thick rubber makes them less prone to punctures since any sharp objects cannot penetrate through. And even the tread compound has been hardened to make them puncture resistant and protect the inner tube against sharp objects. This makes them perfect for desert surfaces with sharp stones and open fields with other sharp objects. The aggressive off-road tires are noisier than standard tires and they slightly increase fuel consumption.

Another negative aspect is their weight reduces rolling inertia, thus making them poor for gaining acceleration. This is because they are wide, massive, and less streamlined. But the good news is that on loose dirt, they have a better grip and offer improved braking performance. Unlike standard tires, they have thick side walls which makes them nice and tough.

The 3-ply sidewall also provides puncture protection. The strong sidewall also allows you to drive with low tire pressure or even with a puncture for long distances. The tires also need a routine maintenance check before riding. One last important thing to always check is the tire pressure. Appropriate tire pressure will give you a comfortable ride on different surfaces. If you are an off-road enthusiast, extreme tires will give your car or truck a better grip on loose gravel and big rocky terrain.