We all contribute to our passion for motorsport

Some of us have just begun learning what it entails. Some of us are full of exploratory energy and enthusiasm. To moderate these experiences that have cultivated our love for this racing profession it takes a full team to make it work. We decided to include all types of road enthusiasts and technical experts who have all explored motor racing at some point in their lives. Together we all try to find new ways of improving the industry at large. This is our online team:

Chad Brunswick aka Mr. Hollowpoint

To love one’s profession is to persist in learning everything about it. This is what I exactly do as a young racer, though I understand how demanding the whole industry is. I have come a long way: from the stage of a hobby to the stage of loving what I write about, and my journey will never end till I master everything in this profession.

Carter ‘Breezy’ Reed

I think of myself in the mirror motor-racing. This is the view that has cultivated my enduring ability to combine simple skills, leaving out nothing, and the product is who I am now- an engine mechanic. If there is something new as far as motor racing is concerned, no goal is to learn and master it as quickly as I can.

Levi Turner aka Mr. Twister

When you engage in something for a long time, it becomes part of your life. I know have to subordinate everything I do to customizing motorsport parts because it has become part of me. With many years in the motorsports parts dealership, I have a crisp understanding of what beginners and seasoned motor racers require. However, I haven’t stopped learning, and I learn from their needs.

Chuck ‘North’ West

Motor racing is a lifestyle that affects not just my mind and my feelings but my life as a whole. When I talk about it, I am technically referring to my lifestyle. As I design the latest and even predict the trend in the industry, I bear in mind that it is my duty to transform the whole industry. In doing, my goal will have thus come to fulfillment. And that is none other than fulfilling your interests.

When it comes to motorsport racing and writing about it, one can understand where that passion has come from. As a new player in the circuit, all that energy is geared towards discovery. However, for those seasoned professionals, all that exploration is almost complete- and what is most important is to mend where the problem thus lies. As for you the reader, everything is now possible and no limits are involved as far as the invention of new ways of performance is concerned. This is why your thought and comments are always welcome. Please write to us here for any comments or ideas you wish to add to our site:

Mr T. Wheels