Types of motorsport racing wheels

Selecting the right motorsport racing car wheels is hardly rocket science but depending on the driver's needs, it may or may not turn out to be a difficult task. The basic criterion for the perfect racing wheels includes durability, safety, corrosion resistance, and endurance of the brakes. The list below offers you the best brands of racing wheels in the motorsport industry with serious modifications like tire tread grip.

champ starts with the typeAmerican Racing Wheels American Racing Wheels is one of the oldest brands in the motorsport racing niche. They have been building wheels for a variety of motorsport disciplines since 1956. Whether racing on the track or streets, American Racing wheels are durable and of high performance.

Enkei Wheels Formed in 1950, Enkei continues to produce the highest quality and most innovative racing wheels. Their wheels are top-notch and are a favorite for many motorsport enthusiasts and top racers including the Formula 1 Mclaren Honda team. Enkei racing wheels are designed to endure pressure and stress under all kinds of weather conditions.

Motegi Racing Wheels Motegi Racing produces affordable high-quality performance wheels that are lightweight. They are also famous for their tuner styled designs. Motegi Racing offer tuner wheels fit for either street or track. The brand continues to collaborate with top racers in motorsports making it a highly recognized brand on any raceway.

Forgeline Motorsport Wheels Formed in 1994, Forgeline is committed to designing, engineering, and manufacturing strong, safe, and high-performance race car wheels. Their wheels are custom made for each customer to meet the customer's creative vision and also perfectly fit their specific cars.

BBS Racing Wheels Founded in 1970 by two amateur racers Klaus Brand and Heinrich Baumgartner in Schiltach town, Germany. BBS is currently a world renown motorsport racing wheel company. Their multi-spoke wheels are quite famous among motorsport racers and enthusiasts all over the world. Their focus is on developing innovative high-tech wheels that are strong, durable and perform excellently.

Volk Racing Wheels Volk Racing is a leading brand when it comes to designing and manufacturing stunning wheels. They understand true performance, lightweight, and durability, and that is exactly what they offer. Their wheels are of top quality, are available in multiple colors and sizes, and are manufactured for a wide range of motorsports including Formula 1 and Super GT Series.

OZ Racing Wheels With over 30 years experience in the industry. OZ is a leading producer of lightweight concave alloy wheels that are sturdy, strong and long-lasting. These wheels come in varying sizes and are top of the line when it comes to style, design, and technology. They also offer good traction during racing.

SSR Founded in 1971, SSR is a Japanese brand that produces racing wheels that are of the highest quality standards. SSR is also very serious about safety standards and their wheels follow strict JWL (Japan Light Alloy Wheel) certification that includes testing endurance strength and impact strength.

Forgiato Based in Los Angeles, USA and founded in 2006, Forgiato is an all American wheel manufacturer that produces custom-made wheels made using all American parts. Their wheels come in 5-spoke and multi-spoke styles and are available in various sizes and colors. Additionally, Forgiato wheels are exquisitely designed and offer the greatest possible performance.